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Zipmex’s primary support channel is email. The Zipmex Customer Support team will only call their customers in special cases upon request and after coordinating a date and time via email correspondence.

Besides making your Zipmex account secure, it’s important to practice situational awareness online. Here are some suggestions for general internet safety:

• Never give out personal identifying information through untrusted sources.

• Never allow remote access into your computer.

• Be aware of phone scammers who disguise themselves as ‘Zipmex Customer Support.’ There are only a few ways to get in touch with the Zipmex Customer Support team, Zipmex Official Telegram and Zipmex support email.

• 2-factor authentication (2FA) is a common login method that institutions use for an extra layer of security. If you sense your 2FA process has changed unexpectedly, it may be compromised and you should report it right away.

• Always confirm that the URL you use is either or specifically when you are signing in to Zipmex.

Always report any suspicious activity to us immediately
The best way to reach Zipmex Support is through our contact form here. We also monitor social media platforms including Medium, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.

Zipmex will never ask our customers to send us cryptocurrencies via social media. Beware of fraudulent accounts and always check for spelling and our blue verified check mark.

The following are the official Zipmex accounts:



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If you are ever unsure about a response from someone claiming to be from Zipmex, please report it to us through our contact form.
We're constantly looking for ways to improve our service. Feedback from our users plays an important role in this process and helps inform us about which new feature initiatives to prioritize. Please contact us here detailing your suggestion or feedback and we’ll make sure to review it and let you know we received your message.