Cryptocurrency Transfers

A cryptocurrency transfer on Zipmex is the movement of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) to an external wallet, another exchange, or another person’s wallet.

In order to move any cryptocurrency from one place to another, you need what’s called a “wallet address” that indicates where you would like to send your cryptocurrencies. Once you have the wallet address of the desired destination, go to the appropriate withdrawal tab on your Zipmex dashboard and enter the amount you’d like to transfer.

As always, any transaction (including cryptocurrency transfers) can be confirmed in your transaction history.
Transfers over a cryptocurrency blockchain network are controlled by miners that group transactions into blocks. When your transaction is first posted, it lives in a mempool before being mined. In a distributed system, it may take a few moments for the changes to propagate so that your transaction shows up everywhere. Because of fluctuations in each network’s traffic it can be difficult to predict how long a transaction will take to be confirmed.

Bitcoin block explorers:

Ethereum block explorers:

If your cryptocurrency transaction is not properly reflected in your Zipmex account, please contact us here with the following details:

• Cryptocurrency type (BTC, ETH)
• Withdrawal/Deposit address
• Approximate time of transaction
• Transaction hash
Your cryptocurrency withdrawals may be banned if you sign in from a new device.

As a security measure, your cryptocurrencies will be suspended if we detect a sign-in from a new device. You will also receive an email with instructions to lift the suspension immediately.

Aside to this, we may temporarily prevent withdrawal due to account investigations internally or as requested by relevant regulators/authorities.
Transferring cryptocurrencies out of your Zipmex account and into an external wallet or exchange can only be initiated by the account owner.

Once initiated, you'll be prompted to input a "Destination Address" (this is provided by your external wallet or exchange) and an amount you’d like to withdraw.

*Please note, that when you are withdrawing BTC from the exchange you may only send your BTC to another BTC address.
Transferring cryptocurrencies into your Zipmex account can only be initiated by the account owner. If you’d like to add to your balance of cryptocurrencies, you’ll need to use your unique Zipmex deposit address which you can find in your wallet tab.

You must initiate a withdrawal from your external wallet or service provider in order to deposit the desired amount into your unique Zipmex deposit address.

*Please note, that when you are withdrawing BTC from the exchange you may only send your BTC to another BTC address.
Zipmex is not obligated to return erroneously or unsolicited cryptocurrencies sent to a Zipmex’s cryptocurrency addresses.

Any ICO tokens traded or created via transfer of ether from your Zipmex account would technically be owned by Zipmex and cause you to lose both your ether and your ICO tokens. Please do not attempt to send any ether from Zipmex to the ICO.
Currently, our platform supports bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), ripple (XRP), litecoin (LTC), EOS.IO (EOS).

Zipmex is continually improving our exchange and if we decide to list additional cryptocurrencies, we will notify our customers who accept marketing emails.