Within the Zipmex interface you can find your open orders just beneath the chart on the dashboard. You can cancel any open order by hovering over the status of the order and clicking “cancel” once it appears.
The value of each cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, EOS, XRP) is determined by the most recent trade (“last price”) executed by the relevant matching engine. All account balances on Zipmex are priced in this way, a convention called “marking to market.”
The price of cryptocurrencies on Zipmex is determined by the buyers and sellers on the exchange rather than prices on other exchanges.
All limit orders are Good 'Til Cancelled (GTC) meaning that they stay on the order book until they have been completely filled or until you manually cancel them.
Login to your Zipmex account and navigate to the order book that the order was placed on (e.g., BTC/USD) via the drop-down menu, differentiating between Buy or Sell. In the order book display, you'll see "[your trading pair] Open Orders" and under "Action" click "Cancel Order" next to the order you wish to cancel.

Note: An open limit order will place an indefinite hold on the associated funds, thereby preventing you from withdrawing or placing another order with these funds. The only way to lift this hold is by canceling your open limit order.
At this time, we currently do not offer short selling. This is a feature that can only be accomplished via leveraged trading which we do not offer currently.
Currently, we do not offer margin or leveraged trading. We are working on the function and will keep you informed when the function becomes available for users. Please see our User Agreement for more information.
Zipmex Block Trading is a way to trade large amounts of cryptocurrencies outside of Zipmex’s continuous order books. This creates an additional mechanism for customers to source liquidity when trading in greater size.

To participate as a market maker in Zipmex Block Trading, please contact
Please see attached table for minimum trading amounts for each trading pair as well as minimum order pairs.

Pair | Min Trade Amount | Min Tick Size | Min Order Value
ETH/BTC | 0.001 ETH | 0.000001 BTC | 0.001 BTC
LTC/BTC | 0.01 LTC | 0.000001 BTC | 0.001 BTC
EOS/BTC | 1 EOS | 0.00000001 BTC | 0.001 BTC
XRP/BTC | 1 XRP | 0.00000001 BTC | 0.001 BTC
EOS/ETH | 0.01 EOS | 0.000001 ETH | 0.01 ETH

Pair | Min Trade Amount | Min Tick Size | Min Order Value
BTC/USD | 0.000001 | BTC 0.01 USD 10 USD
ETH/USD | 0.00001 | ETH 0.01 USD | 10 USD
LTC/USD | 0.00001 | LTC 0.01 USD | 10 USD
XRP/USD | 0.01 XRP | 0.00001 USD | 10 USD
EOS/USD | 0.01 EOS | 0.0001 USD | 10 USD
We currently charge 0.2% on either side of a trade, i.e. for both maker/taker.
Currently, we support fiat pairings for USD, SGD, AUD, IDR. If you initiate an international wire from a foreign country, your funds will be converted to USD by an intermediary before it reaches your account.
Yes, Zipmex operates multiple order matching engines, one for each of our trading pairs which you can see here.
BTC : 0.002
ETH: 0.02
LTC: 0.002
EOS: 0.2
XRP: 22
Cryptocurrency Withdrawal
BTC: 0.0005
ETH: 0.01
EOS: 0.1
XRP: 0.25
LTC: 0.001

Fiat Withdrawal
SGD: 5
USD: 25
IDR: 1%, Minimum 25,000 IDR